facebook will drive us social media ad spend past $3 billion in 2011.

By January 18, 2011Social Media

Facebook Drives US Social Network Ad Spending Past $3 Billion in 2011

JANUARY 18, 2011

Social network advertising to account for 10.8% of online market

US marketers will spend $3.08 billion to advertise on social networking sites this year, eMarketer predicts. Spending will be up 55% over the $1.99 billion advertisers devoted to social networks in 2010 and will rise by a further 27.7% next year to reach nearly $4 billion.

This year’s dramatic growth in spending will bring social media ad dollars to 10.8% of the total spent online in the US. Worldwide, where social network ad spending will rise 71.6% to $5.97 billion, that proportion will be somewhat lower, at 8.7%.

US Social Network Ad Revenues, 2009-2012 (billions and % change)

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