Email from Google: AdWords Updated Billing with more options

By January 29, 2011Digital Marketing

Dear Advertiser,
> > You might have noticed some exciting changes to your Billing tab that give you more control over when and how much you’re charged. Although your billing method and forms of payment haven’t changed, you now have access to some updated features. Additionally, some of our billing methods have new names. Here’s a summary of the changes and added benefits of the updated Billing tab:
> > 1. Postpay is now called “automatic payment” and gives you more flexibility
> * You can now choose to initiate a payment to your account any time with the Make a Payment feature and use any form of payment available with your country and currency settings.
> 2. Prepay is now called “manual payments,” but it works the same way.
> * The “Make payments” link you formerly used has been removed. Now, you’ll start the payment process by clicking the “Make a payment” button on your billing summary page.
> 3. Direct debit is now called “automatic payment by bank account.” Your funds will be debited from your bank account
> 4. Add multiple forms of payment to your account and switch between using them at your convenience.
> 5. Use different addresses for your business and your forms of payment. Plus, each form of payment can have a different billing address.
> 6. Improved help content in the new billing tab and help center
> > > To see examples and learn how to use the new features, please visit
> > Regards,
> The AdWords Billing Team
> > Google 1600 Amphiteatre Parkway, Mountain View CA 94043 
> You’ve received this mandatory service announcement email to update you about important changes to your AdWords account.

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