adwords optimization tips.

By February 5, 2013Digital Marketing

google adwords optimization tipsin general it is a little hard to give tips & steer anyone 100% in the right direction without having anything to look at. even so, here are a few “blind” google adwords optimization tips from one ppc fanatic to another ppc fanatic… but please take the tips with a grain of salt as i cannot see your individual campaign setup and/or landing pages.

  • first step: track everything. make sure you conversion tracking set up correctly and make sure you are using some sort of analytics suite on your site. i always recommend google analytics as its the (free) workhorse of the industry.
  • check your campaigns for keywords that have a lot of impressions but a low ctr (click through rate). start with your broad match campaigns that have the most visits and lowest ctr combination. this may bring a keyword that is driving poor quality traffic to light. it’s important to account for average ad position when looking at this.
  • the only reason to use broad match is for research. it will always suck for conversions. use modified broad match instead.
  • bid more aggressively on phrase/exact match campaigns/keywords as these will most likely convert at a higher rate. also make sure you are getting as high of an impression share out of these campaigns as possible.
  • qualify users with your ad copy. your goal isn’t to drive as much traffic as possible with ppc (pay per click), your goal is to drive the right traffic that will convert. so, make sure your ad copy is clear about your offering. a word of warning: be careful with dynamic keyword insertion ad copy as it can lead to a high ctr but low conversion rate.
  • landing pages are always underrated. seriously, if you don’t have good landing pages for your products and an easy conversion path for users you are going to struggle no matter what. looking into some a/b or multivariate testing should always be in your back pocket as a digital marketer.
  • finally, evaluate your cpc (cost per click) and average position. you may be paying too much per click and could be better off in a lower position.
  • #protip: as a good digital marketer you HAVE to know what people do on your site after the click. otherwise your just a boring advertiser trying to sell a billboard. google analytics can help out here.

good luck!

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p.s. you ask why you should take my word on these adwords tips? well, only because i’m a google certified trainer, have a gogole analytics individual qualification (iq), and am a google certified advertising professional. 😉

p.p.s oh, certifications mean nothing to you? well, then maybe you will take my word on these tips because i’m an instructor at the university of south florida?

p.p.p.s. what? still not enough? perhaps you should be better at your job so you don’t have to google for “adwords optimization tips”? boom.