9 Ways to Brand Build With Digital Marketing

By February 13, 2017Digital Marketing
Brand Build With Digital Marketing

There’s no shortage of digital marketing. In fact, digital ad revenue hit $60 billion last year. Your goal is to distinguish yourself in that crowded playing field and to brand build with digital marketing that will get noticed.

Digital marketing helps you build brand awareness and brand engagement.

With a continually changing landscape, now is a good time to refine your strategy, test out different tactics, and find the best ways to engage your customers.

We’ve identified 9 ways to build a brand with digital marketing.

Brand Build with Live Streaming

The trend with digital marketing is creating content that is informal and temporary.

That might make some marketers shudder.

If you’re used to creating assets that withstand the test of time or want to create something once and be done with it, this is going to take some adjustment.

Last year, Facebook launched its popular Facebook Live. Twitter allowed users to stream directly from the app, rather than through Periscope. They also built impressive partnerships with political parties, sporting events, and media, including Bloomberg financial network and the NFL.

With these advances, live streaming is definitely having a moment.

Try to create digital marketing content that’s authentic and informative for your brand. You can live stream behind the scenes footage, product demos or how-to’s, events that customers don’t have access to, even Q&As with product designers.

Live streaming brings your followers access in new and exciting ways.

Providing access leads to brand engagement. Remember to notify users through announcements of when you’ll be live streaming so they will tune in and participate.

Live streaming is huge in China with platforms like Facebook Live, Periscope, and Snapchat allowing influencers there to earn money. This isn’t currently available in the US, but might be the wave of the future.

Use Ephemeral Content for Digital Marketing

These days, spies aren’t the only people who use messages that will self-destruct.

Snapchat was first on the scene with ephemeral or temporary content, but last year Instagram Stories were introduced.

Building a brand with content that will go away might sound counterintuitive, but it’s important that your brand is visible in the spaces where your customers are.

The beauty of using ephemeral content is that it’s less formal and rehearsed. That allows you to connect with customers in a new way.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is also on the rise.

With more people getting their everyday media content through social media, these brand ambassadors can permeate different platforms.

Above all, customers trust word of mouth recommendations.

The people they follow on social media aren’t necessarily celebrities or their friends IRL, but trendsetters and thought leaders with the same interests.

Sneakerheads have been using influencer marketing for years and Adidas is killing it on Instagram. But it can work just as well with beauty products or kitchen appliances.

Tools like Narrow can help you identify influencers to engage with on Twitter.

Be More Visual

The classic writing adage is “show, don’t tell.”

What better way to show something than an image?

You can show your brand in action on any number of channels: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. When customers see a product, they are more likely to share the image with friends.

You can also translate boring data or explain something with infographics. Not only are they more visually appealing, they perform well with digital marketing. Bounce rates and exit rates are lower on sites with infographics.

Participate in Online Groups

Depending on your service or product, you might want to participate in groups on Facebook or LinkedIn to connect with others interested in the topic or industry.

By answering questions, offering insights and information, interacting with users by liking or commenting on their messages, you build credibility and trust.

Share both branded and unbranded links.

Sometimes the objective is to engage and build community, not to try to sell a product. You’ll be building brand awareness by demonstrating that you are a trusted authority on the subject.

Be Generous with Customers

Another way to brand build with digital marketing is by being generous about providing excellent customer service online.

Answer questions about your product or service, provide information, and respond to concerns through the platforms that users prefer.

Don’t try to sell or promote anything, just be helpful.

The Mall of America (MOA) interacts with its 40 million annual visitors through social channels but built its online following by answering questions about parking spaces on Twitter.

That personal touch propelled their success.

Being accessible does have risks, as it also opens brands to negative online comments and controversy from online trolls.

Don’t Forget About Blogs

By now, everyone knows that regular social media content that’s consistent with your brand is a must.

With such a rapidly changing landscape, it’s worth remembering tested strategies to brand build with digital marketing, like blogs.

It’s all about producing content and having that content get noticed. Update regularly, use tools like Google Search Console to rank keywords, and optimize blog titles.

Organic searches are still the best way to connect with potential customers, so focus on the tools that lead to Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

Check Out Snapchat Ads

For products and services that target customers 25 and under, Snapchat ads exploded on the scene.

Sponsored Lenses–which overlay images on a photo–are not cheap. They cost between $100,000 and $750,000 for a 24-hour run.

Not only do customers view and interact with the ads, they share them with friends. It’s definitely worthwhile to observe Snapchat as they connect with this demographic.

Stay Engaged

Tools and trends are changing as you build your presence in a particular community.

You need to stay engaged and find your people, whether they’re on Quora, Slack channels, YouTube, or industry hangouts.

What works well with one segment of your customers might not be the preferred channel by another. Target your strategy accordingly.

These 9 ideas will help you brand build with digital marketing in today’s rapidly changing market. Let us know what works in the comments.