What every successful marketer must do – #ProTip

By March 10, 2015#ProTip

#ProTip: As a Marketer you need to answer people’s questions or make their lives easier.

Before beginning a marketing campaign I always ask myself if it will do one the following:

  1. Answer someones question
  2. Make someones life easier

Marketers forget that people don’t care about the latest tech specs or model numbers. Consumers don’t want to be disrupted while watching TV or surfing the web. Especially, just to hear that a brand has something newer or faster to sell to them.

Marketers need to create an emotional relationship between the consumer and the brand. And, this can only be achieved by adding value to a consumer’s life. One way to do this is by answering a question. E.g. What should I have for dinner tonight? or How do I fix this hole in the wall? The other way is by making life easier. Obviously, it is not possible for a marketer to directly make life easier. However, he or she can explain how their product/service will do this. E.g. sliced bread or a digital watch. (Can you imagine being a marketer for sliced bread? Easiest job ever!)


What are your thoughts? Does answering a question or making life easier make the disruptive nature of marketing tolerable? 

Share a comment below and let me know.