google adsense launches a new responsive ad unit

By August 1, 2013Digital Marketing

Google Adsense logo
it has finally happened. following google’s recent recommendation that all mobile traffic be handled with responsive web design, it was only a matter of time before one of google’s biggest money makers – adsense – would follow this lead.

so now google has announced responsive adsense ad units as a new beta. this will make responsive design pundits such as myself quite happy. why? because it shows how serious google is about responsive design.

just in case you do not know what responsive means in a web site sense: it basically means that as the screen size changes the site dynamically adjusts to accommodate the change. the (not so) old practice of redirecting mobile users to a m. type sub-domain is becoming a bad practice and quite frankly it makes your site look bad. (note to self: this will make a great blog post in the future).

what adsense responsive ad units mean for adsense users.
the first thing to notice is that adsense code can no longer just be copied and pasted anymore. some modifications will need to be done to the ad – you now need to specify the pixel size for each screen size.

step 1: create a responsive ad unit.
adsense responsive ads

step 2: modify the sample CSS media queries in the new code to reflect the screen sizes you want to accommodate
adsense responsive ads css

go to the adsense help section to read the full article on ow to create a responsive ad unit. plus check out more official google info on responsive websites on their “building smartphone- optimized websites“.

one initial problem right now is that these ads can’t handle a change of screen orientation. however, google says they will be fixing that in the very near future.

what do these new responsive ad units mean?

i have to say this is a very welcome announcement and one that is is a bellwether for the entire industry. for adsense customers it still remains to be seen how the new ads units will convert and pay out.

however, for advertisers and adwords advertisers in particular this may mean that they have to adjust to a new update shortly after enhanced campaigns rolled out. responsive ads are the next logical evolutionary step for adwords and the entire digital marketing industry as a whole. especially, as more and more websites begin to adopt responsive design.

p.s. this is my first blog post written and uploaded entirely on my ipad in bed.