google offers launches. competes directly against groupon.

By April 22, 2011Digital Marketing

yesterday, google ‘offers’ officially launched in beta for people lucky enough to live in san francisco, new york, or portland. if you live in one of those cities you can now sign up for future deals.

what is this google offers thing?

from what i can gather google offers will provide discounts of up to 50% off at local businesses such as restaurants, dentists, etc. google hasn’t offered too much information about the newly launched google offers product yet, however the video below makes makes it look like it will be another groupon, livingsocial, and others.

google buying groupons turns into google vs. groupon.

recently google tried to buy groupon for $6 billion dollars and failed. however, according to rumors the deal feel through due to the price tag. recently i’ve noticed that deal sites have been sprouting up everywhere. even the new york times launched their own daily deals type site called TimesLimited back in march. in addition, facebook is working on a reworked deals site based on what they launched back in november and yahoo! has shown some sigificant interest in livingsocial.

google offers launches in beta video.

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