How to use Twitter to complain – #ProTip

By March 2, 2015#ProTip

#ProTip: Have a problem that needs to get fixed? You Twitter to complain and watch your problem get fixed.

Why complain using Twitter?

We’ve all had been in situations where something  is not working the way it should and needs to be fixed right away. The solution is simpler than you might think: Use Twitter to complain. It’s the easy way to achieve a fast resolution.

  • Often times a complaint on Twitter will be resolved within minutes or hours, not days or weeks.
  • Companies often use their best customer service personnel to staff Twitter.
  • Companies are legitimately scared of a negative tweet going viral.

How to use Twitter to complain

If you’ve used Twitter before this part is a piece of cake. If you aren’t too familiar with Twitter or how to interact on it, I recommend that you review my Twitter 101 presentation.

Here are three easy steps to get your complaint heard by a brand on twitter:

  • Search for the brand using Twitter Search.
  • Follow the brand on Twitter in case they want to message you directly.
  • Mention them to tweet directly at them with your complaint. Keep in mind that including their username you are restricted to 140 character.
  • Now, just sit back and wait for the resolution.

 To end this week’s #ProTip I’d like to tip my hat to Chris Morata for demonstrating the art of using twitter to complain first hand.

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