My iPhone 6s Plus unboxing video and thoughts

By September 27, 2015Apple
iPhone 6S Plus unboxing

I finally decided to upgrade my iPhone and went all in by getting the larger 6S Plus. My first reaction after unboxing it: This thing is huge – especially in comparison to my last iPhone. Check out the iPhone 6S Plus unboxing vine above.

The bad stuff

tiny hands kristen wiigThe most obvious and noticeable downside to the iPhone 6s Plus is the large size and associated weight. You can’t really tell from the iPhone 6s Plus unboxing vine, but it barely fits where I have always stored my cell phones: the front pocket of my pants. It really does seem like a smaller version of the iPad mini. And, yes it makes me feel like I have tiny hands.

Luckily, this issue is somewhat mitigated by the fact that I also have an Apple Watch. This means that I do not have to pull the huge phone out of my pocket every time there is a notification or I want to check the time or something else quickly.

Now for the good stuff

iPhone 6S Plus 3D TouchOnce you get over the sheer size of the iPhone 6S Plus (which you will quickly due to how slim it is) it’s easy to review the positives of this iPhone. My favorite features so far are (I know a lot of these were already part of the iPhone 6 Plus in 2014):

  • Landscape mode: Turning the phone sideways like an iPad makes using it much more productive and often much faster.
  • Screen size: Watching videos and looking at pictures is making.
  • Speed: It really is as fast or even faster than most people say – or the tests indicate.
  • Camera: The image stabilization is amazing and helps people like me – who are terrible at taking photos – take great photos. Live photos are a great new feature that comes across as a gimmick at first. But, once you expertise it you’ll start to touch each photo in hopes that it will begin to animate. They are almost like the shots you see in Harry Potter. I haven’t played around with 4K recording yet, but look forward to checking it out.
  • 3D Touch: Having experienced this on the Apple Watch I knew what was coming. But, the implementation on the iPhone 6S is amazing. It’s kind of like when you first discovered the right click on a mouse. However, where a right click adds more options and can thus make things more complicated, 3D Touch simplifies everything.  For example, for the camera app you can quickly open it up  in selfie, movie, or photo mode. And that’s just the tip of the ice berg other things you can do include Trackpad and App Switching.
  • Taptic Engine: Again, having an iPhone gave me taste of how this would feel on the new iPhone 6S Plus. It provides 3D Touch feedback and also serves as the vibration for notifications. It’s much better than the previous vibration packed into the iPhone 6 last year.

Final verdict

iPhone 6S Plus website screenshotAll in all, I am super satisfied with my upgrade to the (huge) iPhone 6s Plus and love it. To me all the improvements packed into the iPhone 6s live up to Apple’s tagline of “The only thing that’s changed is everything” and exemplify the advantages of Apple’s integration of hardware and software.