my thoughts on reports that apple maps will stink.

By September 18, 2012Apple

Yelp it is. With the release of iOS 6 on September 19 it looks like Yelp will be the new Google Places – at least for Apple users.

Concerning an article from Business Insider from September 17 that thinks there is “some good evidence that iPhone’s New Maps app will stink” I’m not too concerned as it’s a typical Business Insider link baiting and sensationalizing headline:

The entire article Is based on a small Mac repair shop that has a blog and has admittedly only focused on Google Places.

Pro Tip: I’m confident that a relatively inexpensive partnership with a vendor such as Localeze (an identified Apple Maps partner and data provider) will help anyone look better than Rocky Mountain Mac Repair does in the Gold Master of iOS 6.

While Apple Maps will replace Google Maps as the built in solution Google will undoubtedly release a standalone app. They already released the stand alone YouTube app last week. So, if Apple Maps really do stink people will use the Google Maps app or go to Google Maps via Safari. While Apple Maps may be the built in maps app that opens up when an address is clicked on a website, people have already found that business through other means such as a web search, etc.

With all this being said, the key takeaway is that Yelp and Yelp categories all of a sudden became much more important.