paid search brings new buyers and e-mail brings them back.

By September 27, 2012Digital Marketing

If you are in digital marketing you may want to look into getting the The Purchase Path Of Online Buyers In 2012 Report from Forrester Research as their findings strongly reinforce what we do in digital. In a nutshell: Paid search moves new buyers and e-mail brings them back. Here are a few highlights as found on MediaPost:

The report suggests that new buyers are “heavily influenced by paid search,” more so than repeat customers. In fact, Forrester cites search as the single most important tactic for finding new customers.

  • Overall, 39% of transactions by new customers begin with clicks from paid or organic search results.

Search attracts new customers, but email works best for repeat customers, according to the report.

  • Some 30% of transactions by repeat shoppers start with a click on an email from retailers.