#ProTip: Swing For the Fences

By September 22, 2015#ProTip

#ProTip: The best time to Swing for the Fences is when you’re in school.

A baseball player really only has two choices (besides to bunt) when he comes up to the plate. He can either swing to just make contact or swing to hit a home run. This home run swing is called “Swinging for the Fences”. Meaning, swinging hard enough to hit it over the outfield fence. Taking a big home run swing is risky, but big it has a big potential payoff.

This metaphor is great. It applies to basically any situation in life. Should you play it safe and swing for contact, or take a risk and Swing for the Fences?

The best time to let loose and swing for the fences is while you are in school. It’s a time before all the real world responsibilities hold you back.

Thus: Swing for the fences.