the new facebook news feed.

By March 8, 2013Social Media

bigger photos (and more ads).

it’s finally here: the new facebook news feed. “goodbye clutter” is the rallying cry from mark zuckerberg. however, the question is whether the necessity of making money as a publicly traded company might derail this beautiful idea.

bigger photos.

facebook news feed bigger photosthanks to larger images that now extend over the entire width, the news feed relaunch is ultimately a visual treat.

sort your news feed like google+ circles.

custom facebook news feed facebook news feed optionsthe redesign will change the way people use the news feed:

  • users can now customize and sort their news feeds according to individual taste
  • you can now choose to only show posts from users who are similar to you
  • you can choose to only see feeds of photos, music, games, etc.
  • facebook also brought back a way to see all your friends posts in chronological order

the focus on the lists really are a lot like google+ circles, but who’s really counting?

mobile first.

new facebook newsfeed

one of my big mantras is: “mobile first!” this means that you design a mobile experience first and then expand that small-screen experience to a larger screen using responsive design. this is in contrast to the old mantra of creating for desktop first and having mobile be an afterthought (future blog forthcoming). in my opinion there are not multiple webs (mobile, tablet, desktop), but rather one web that we look at in different ways.

facebook looks to have adopted this manta and is attempting a standardization of mobile and desktop view by bringing the mobile views to desktop. “inspired by mobile: now the best parts of facebook for mobile are on the web, too.” reads the explanation on the launch page.

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i have added myself to the waiting list, because as always, it will take some time before the changes are rolled out to everyone. until then, it is difficult to decipher how exactly facebook intends to place  advertisements – which are essential for its future. in any case none could be seen in the announcement presentation, but we all know that it will not stay that way. sign up yourself by clicking below.

get the new facebook news feed now

What do you think of the facebook news feed?