Go Try on the Apple Watch

By April 13, 2015#ProTip, Apple
Try on Apple Watch

#ProTip: Go Try on the Apple Watch and Experience it for yourself.

It was a great experience going to the Apple Store and trying on the Apple Watch.
Here are my initial thoughts: It was a much more light-weight and refined than I anticipated. The 42 mm felt like the perfect size. The hardware side is a thing of beauty. My entire apple watch try on experience felt very much like trying on jewelry to see the look and feel of it. It did not feel like a tech demo at all. The Apple Store employee never showed how the UI was supposed to work.
But the UI was slow and choppy at times which devalued the experience. Plus, the haptic feedback felt too weak – you had to have the watch strapped tightly to your wrist to really feel it. Overall, it (sadly) felt like a real 1.0 version of a product with a very high ceiling.
But, just to be clear: I am absolutely getting one.
Check out some photos of the appointment that I posted on Facebook:

Had a great time trying on Apple Watches today

Posted by Eric Ritter on Sunday, April 12, 2015