Always use the unique features of each social networking sites

By March 30, 2015#ProTip

#ProTip: Using Social Media? Don’t fail: Take advantage of each Social Network’s Unique Features.

This week’s #ProTip was inspired by a rant a few friends were recently subjected to. In short, way too many brands just post exactly the same content to each and every social network in their portfolio without realizing that the audience and their expectations are completely different from network to network.

Unique features of social networking sites

Here are some of my favorite features that make each social networking site unique:

  • Hashtags on Twitter
  • Photo tagging and engaging photos on Instagram
  • Tagging in updates and photos on  Facebook
  • The Google Maps tie-in on Google+ Pages

Social Networking Sins

While it may seem like an easy solution to some, posting your Facebook updates with a link back to Facebook is a cardinal sin on Twitter. Here a few more of my favorite sins by brands.

  • Posting a link in an Instagram Comment. It can’t be clicked…
  • Sharing a link to your Instagram Photo on Twitter. Even Twitter is discouraging this
  • Using Hashtags on Facebook. Yes, I know they work…
  • Basically sharing a link to a different social network site.

Feel free to jump in below and post your favorite social media fail in the comments below.