What makes a good website?

By March 11, 2014Digital Strategy
what makes a good website

What do you think makes a good website? There are a lot of buzzwords floating around: IA, UI, UX, Responsive Design, Adaptive Design, Marketing Funnel, etc.

Check out my Slideshare deck and see that a good website and a good theme park have more in common than you might think.

  • You need to have amazing attractions
  • You need to give visitors a warm welcome
  • You need to make sure visitors see it all
  • You need to ensure visitors take souvenirs with them
  • You need to invite or give visitors a reason to come back for more

What makes a good website?

[slideshare id=32186379&doc=websitestrategy-140311131446-phpapp02]

Thanks to XN Results LLC for already mentioning the presentation on twitter.

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