E-commerce is growing 23% every year, but 46% of American small businesses don’t have a website.

With running a company it can be hard to find the time to create an online presence. But with the online business world growing you can’t afford to not stay competitive.

Hiring a digital marketing consultant can help your company stay on top of online trends. Still not convinced? Read on for 10 ways a consultant can help your business improve:

1. Enhance Your Social Media

Many businesses don’t have the time to handle their own social media accounts. You may be able to start your social media accounts. But a digital marketing consultant can help you take your accounts to the next level.

They are usually experienced with making campaigns and increasing engagement through social media. A consultant will increase your audience reach and get you more potential customers.

2. Generate Leads

A true marketer is knowledgeable about the process of gaining new clients. They can create campaigns to generate leads that will buy your product or service.

A digital marketing consultant works to generate leads by creating optimized landing pages. These encourage consumers to take the next step in the buying process.

Consultants track user activity on a website. They do this by watching click rates to see what works and what doesn’t.

Another strategy a consultant may use is an email campaign. This helps nurture leads and provides useful information to consumers looking to buy.

3. Website Optimization And SEO

Your consultant will be an expert in the technology behind your business. A common service that they offer is website optimization. A poorly designed website can cause consumers to not even consider your business.

The consultant may optimize your site to be more responsive to the user. This can be a result of the design of the site or plugins for the domain you use.

Another service provided is often SEO (search engine optimization). The marketer will optimize your site to rank higher on the results page of a search engine. Optimization through content and keyword usage will increase the engagement of your site.

4. Build Your Brand

72% of marketers think branding is more impactful than advertising in a magazine.

A digital marketer knows the importance of developing your brand and how exactly to do so. They’ll create many branding elements that are unique to your specific brand.

Then place these elements where they will increase brand identity. They will also help develop your brand’s voice when interacting when clients. This will set your business apart from others especially when it comes to content.

5. Online & Organic Advertising

Digital marketers can also navigate the online world of paid and organic advertising. They’ll be able to decide what is best for your business and carry out the advertising.

But deciding on a method isn’t the end of the work there. They take into consideration what audience you want to target with your advertising.

Again this depends on your budget. Depending on how high or low the marketer will be able to negotiate the advertising needed.

6. Create Content

Content is huge in the marketing world. We are in an era where educating consumers and providing useful information to them is a must.

47% of buyers viewed three to five pieces of content before contacting a sales rep.

Creating content can be time-consuming and even when you’re done its hard to know when to let it go live. By hiring a digital marketing consultant this can be easier for you. They are experts in cultivating content to help you draw in consumers.

They also know how to make your content last longer by using it for many different things. There are also many kinds of content you can create. A marketer can decide which is more effective for you.

7. Visual Communication

A digital marketing consultant will know how to negotiate information and design. They will enhance your website and make it easier to navigate.

They have general skills in graphic design. And may create infographics, high-quality images, and even motion graphics. These will set your business apart and make your digital components more professional.

8. Interact With Your Audience

In today’s world, consumers want to be able to interact with businesses. Gone are the days where walking outside of a store would be the end of the customer interaction. It’s important to make yourself available to your clients as much as possible.

A consultant will help make your social media approachable and interaction friendly. Take great care in how you interact with even the unhappy customers. As this can increase reviews and rating online as well.

The marketer can also find ways to correct negative reviews and ratings online.

9. Do Research With A Digital Marketing Consultant

Research and facts are what goes behind every great marketing campaign. Hire a digital marketing consultant to carry out campaigns with numbers behind them.

A consultant will do research on the market you are trying to break into as well as the behaviors of your audience. This will give your marketing a better insight when looking to provide what people want.

The research won’t stop at the start. Marketers keep up with analytics of how your strategies are working. They use this to provide feedback and improve. This can be through social media or content creation.

10. Automate Your Marketing

A marketer will be able to work with marketing automation technology to help get the most work done at once. These can make your campaigns more effective. And help you focus on the more important parts of managing a business.

By using automation systems you can help make each client experience unique. This is done by customizing the flows in which they are seeing your content.

Get Started

The digital world gets more complicated every day. With algorithms and new apps being released it can hard to keep up while running a business at the same time.

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