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My Mission Is Simple…

To Make Seo
For You

You know you can’t keep ignoring SEO because you know getting into Google’s good graces is important. Yet you want to ignore it because

It’s an acquired taste, but don’t worry… You are not alone!

I’m here to ease your SEO woes. After years of developing a very specific approach, I know what it takes to raise your site to the top of the rankings and ensure you remain there.

I can help you in two ways … on stage with clear, practical, and attention-grabbing talks about SEO that show your audience what to do, how to do it, and when…

OR you can hire me and my expert team (at Digital Neighbor, the company I built) to fulfill your SEO needs with our custom-built full-SEO Services solution for any business or budget.

How I Rank  With My Clients

    Alexandra Martinez-Paige

    “Eric is a trusting leader who believes in the capabilities of his employees. He guided me through projects with constructive feedback that didn't put me in a box, but helped me improve my own ideas. He is upbeat, eager to see goals come to fruition, and proud to recognize employee successes.”

    Alexandra Martinez-Paige

    Conducting Research as a USF Graduate Student | MAIP 2021 Alum
    Chyenne Lettsome, MS

    “As an intern for Eric’s agency, I witnessed some of the many skills that make him a great leader and SEO expert. Eric embodies everything it means to be cutting-edge as he encourages fresh and innovative ideas from his team and looks for ways to improve. I highly recommend working with him to get the best out of your SEO strategy.”

    Chyenne Lettsome, MS

    Local Search Coordinator at Rio SEO
    Max Rosewater

    “Eric is great to work with and your go to guy for SEO, paid media and digital marketing in general! I really enjoyed my time working at his agency Digital Neighbor, and it’s clear they know the best practices in their industry.“

    Max Rosewater

    Paid Social Buyer, Creative and Music Lover

    Invite The Search Engine Sommelier To Your Stage So I Can …

    … provide you and your audience with clear, practical, and memorable SEO advice that works. I know SEO is an acquired taste, and I appreciate it’s neither your expertise nor your passion. But SEO is important, and right now your competitors are ranking higher than you even though you provide a better product and service.

    It’s frustrating, to say the least—let alone costing you a lot of money.

    I can help with a series of talks that deliver proven strategies to you, your team, and your audience. To learn more about the topics I speak on and when I’m next available,

    Hire Me As Your SEO Consultant
    To Transform How You Rank Online

    As an SEO Consultant with years of experience and a proven track record, I’ve developed a range of SEO Services to ensure you get the outcome you desire.

    There are a few ways you can work with me 1-1 …


    SEO Strategy Workshops

    I can work with your existing marketing team to challenge their assumptions and transform how you approach SEO and other digital marketing services. I approach each workshop from a blank canvas, ensuring I deliver a tailored solution to fit your specific situation.

    To speak to me about crafting a bespoke workshop for you and your business.


    Digital Marketing Consultancy

    As an experienced SEO Consultant, I know what it takes to both come up with a robust strategy and then ensure it’s delivered across all areas of your business. I’ve come into companies and helped them build this from scratch, but also consulted with existing teams to transform good to great.

    To discuss how I can work with you and your team.



    Your Friendly, Full-Service SEO Agency

    If what you’re after is a trusted, experienced SEO Agency to do the work for you and create a custom strategy to fulfill all your SEO services, my team and I at Digital Neighbor can help.

    We offer custom digital marketing services for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

    To access a Free SEO Analysis for your business.

      Erica Groce (Messina)

      “Eric Ritter is truly a master of his craft. I took his Digital Media class at USF and can honestly say that I implement the skills that he taught me on a daily basis in my professional life. I loved how his class was both practical yet entertaining!”

      Erica Groce (Messina)

      Sr Commercial Marketing Manager at T-Mobile
      John Babb

      “Eric managed iDimension services to PowerChord. His technical competency & ability to strategically prioritize our analytics & online advertising consulting made the work meaningful & rewarding to execute. We would welcome the opportunity to serve through Eric again.”

      John Babb

      CEO iDimension | Digital Marketing Analytics | Measuring what matters
      Sean Chapman

      “I only had a limited about of knowledge about Digital Media first going into the class. Mr. Ritter did a great job of really explaining and teaching the material and the industry overall to better understand this ever changing medium. He provided us with insightful relevant information that has helped me throughout my professional experience within the advertising industry. “

      Sean Chapman

      Marketing Manager at Navico / Brunswick Corporation

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