What’s the number 1 secret to effective marketing?

Quality targeting? Knowing your audience? Creating engaging ads?

Not quite! They’re all key ingredients, but there’s one core component that’s even more fundamental to success:

Attention. If you can get people to give you it, then you win every time.

That’s why internet marketing has become the go-to choice for modern marketers. With consumers now spending up to 11 hours of their day engaging with one screen or another, attention is well and truly online these days. If you capitalize on that fact, then there are countless benefits of digital marketing to enjoy over traditional channels.

Do you want to find out more about them? Well, you’re in the right place! Keep reading to discover 7 unmissable advantages of digital marketing.

1. It Offers Incredible Reach

Digital marketing has revolutionized reach. Seriously, with over 4.8 billion people connected to the internet nowadays, it’s never been easier to market to a huge number of people at a time.

And that’s the goal of any campaign, right? You want to get your products/services in front of as many target consumers as possible for the lowest possible fee. Succeed, and you’ll enjoy a sky-high ROI for your efforts.

2. It Presents Unprecedented Targeting

Massive reach isn’t everything though! You could deliver an ad to millions of people, but if none of them want or need the product/service, then you’ll never convert at a reasonable rate. Marketing to the right audience is key.

Thankfully, digital marketing has you covered here too.

The widespread use of the internet and social media has enabled the various advertising platforms to amass a wealth of data on their consumers. As a marketer, you get to leverage that data and target hyper-specific groups of people in your campaigns.

You can deliver ads to people based on their exact whereabouts, profession, demographic information, interests, hobbies, political opinions, and more. The result? Your ads become highly relevant and conversion rates spike.

3. It Enables Audience Segmentation

Aside from enabling accurate targeting of a new audience, digital platforms allow you to hone in on specific ‘segments’ of your current one.

Imagine having an email list with thousands of people of varying demographics. Thanks to audience segmentation, you can send offers and promotions to specific groups of people within it.

That’s a big deal when it comes to personalizing correspondence and sending relevant updates to people. Your CTR and CR will increase as a result.     

4. It Provides Easy Analytics

Tracking performance and analyzing data are core components of running effective campaigns.

After all, the data tells you what’s working and what isn’t! You can then make evidence-based changes to your ads and optimize them accordingly. By comparison, a lack of data means you’re working blind all the time, shooting in the dark and hoping for the best.

Thankfully, digital marketing makes it easier than ever before to run tests, measure performance, and accrue that invaluable information. Whether you’re focused on content, social media, or Google AdWords, the platform in question will deliver accurate insights in record time. You can then make changes in accordance with the results.

5. It’s Under-Priced

Digital marketing has a lot going for it. However, one of its most compelling selling points is how cost-effective it can be.

Don’t get us wrong. You can easily splurge huge sums of money running internet ads! Even so, digital channels cost an absolute pittance compared to the extortionate price tags of billboards and TV ads, for instance.

Facebook provides a perfect example.

Using their ad platform, you can create a high-quality, well-targeted ad in moments, put a paltry $20 behind it and reach thousands of people. That’s unheard of with traditional marketing! You enjoy less financial risk, the ability to test and fail fast, and a far greater margin in the process.

6. It Can Be Done for Free

What’s the only thing better than ‘cheap’?


If you’re a bootstrapped business, you’ll be pleased to hear that digital marketing doesn’t have to cost a dime. That’s right, regular online campaigns are already under-priced. But you can also market via the internet without spending a thing.

For example, you can write blog content that ranks in Google SERPs and drives traffic to your website. You could post YouTube videos that get views and build brand awareness. And you can post straight to social media, accrue a loyal following, and get endless exposure in your industry.

In other words, you can build your brand, generate high-quality leads, and drive conversions with no marketing budget to call upon.

7. It Levels the Playing Field

Traditional marketing is heavily weighted in favor of big businesses. Why? Because they’re the only ones that can afford the high-prices of TV and radio ads.

Start-ups of old were at a disadvantage from the outset. With fewer resources at their disposal, they faced an uphill battle to get peoples’ attention and earn their piece of the pie. Big businesses got bigger while they struggled to get going.

That all changes with digital marketing though. These days, all it takes is one viral video recorded on a cell phone to skyrocket a new business to success! The budget-friendly nature of internet marketing levels the playing field and makes it a fair fight.

Newer, smaller businesses may even have an advantage. Unencumbered by red tape and outdated ideas, they can experiment, move fast, and take action in ways that major corporations can’t.

Enjoy the Benefits of Digital Marketing

Attention is at the heart of all successful marketing, which is why the internet represents such an almighty opportunity in this realm!

With more people spending time online than ever before, it’s never been easier to get your product/service in front of the right people. Hopefully, this post has highlighted the main benefits of digital marketing and convinced you to give it a try.

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