With the 2015 Apple Spring Media Event (aptly named “Spring Forward“) only a few days away the time has come for me to share my Apple Watch Predictions. Many are predicting its doom before launch, which mirrors the sediment towards the iPad four years ago. I on the other hand am genuinely excited to see what Apple has in store this time around.

Keep in mind that everything that follows are my personal predictions based on best guesses.

spring forward
Invitation for the ‘Spring Forward’ Apple Watch Media Event

Questions that Apple must answer:

  • What will the pricing be?
  • How will I know which of the three watch models to choose?
  • Exactly how long is the Battery Life?
  • How long will it take to fully charge?
  • Are armbands interchangeable between models? How much will they cost?
  • How water-resistant will it be?
  • What have others gotten wrong so far with wearables? Just like with the iPod, iPhone, and iPad Apple needs to clearly demonstrate why their product will change the fate of an entire industry?

Apple Watch Predictions:

  • Tim Cook will recap all of Apple’s innovations: Macintosh, iMac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad. He will end by thanking Steve Jobs.
  • It will be positioned as a central interaction point between all Apple devices.
  • A game dev will come on stage and walk everyone through a way too long game demo.
  • In fact, Apple will have way too many app developers on stage taking up a majority of the time.
  • Pricing will be (38mm/42mm): Sport $349/$399, Standard Watch $549/$$599, and Edition $999/$1,199.
  • The launch date will be announced and I predict April 11, 2015. (Hoping it will be sooner)
  • It will be health focused. Apple showed its commitment by adding more features to the Health App in iOS 8.2 (which may launch during the Apple Watch Event).
  • The health focus will carry over to nutrition somehow.
  • On that note, iOS will be made available on March 28, 2015. Two weeks before the watch is available.

Bold Apple Watch Predictions:

  • Nike+ will be a launch partner and the Apple Watch will replace the Nike+ FuelBand.
  • Siri will become much more powerful and have exclusive commands just for Apple Watch owners.
  • The Apple Watch will turn out to be a part in Apple’s overarching strategy to become the turnkey provider for your life: It will control your coffee maker via HomeKit, unlock your car door or house door, and even show you what is up next on your Apple TV.
  • Tim Cook will mock the Pebble Watch and Android Wear.
  • HBO Now will be announced via the new Apple Watch App.

I saved my top Apple Watch prediction for last: The general consensus will be disappointment. Why? Because every time Apple announces a new product people jump on the bandwagon of disappointment and negativity, focusing on what Apple did not include rather than looking at what Apple did actually include.

I’ve been asked quite a few times, if I plan on buying an Apple Watch at launch like the iPad 1 & iPad 2. The answer is simple: it depends. Don’t get me wrong, I really want to buy it, but there are still too many unknowns (see questions above) at this point to answer with a definitive, yes, of course!

Don’t forget to tune in and watch the Event live on the Apple website Monday, March 9 2015 at 1 p.m. Eastern Time.  And check back next week to see how well I did with my Apple Watch predictions.