Plenty of you think your digital brand strategy is efficient. Yet, could you deliver a report if I were to ask for your ROI?

Many of you slapped together the strategy based around marketing trends and what you’ve learned from big industry blogs. For that, I’d say congratulations since you’re at least implementing a digital brand strategy.

However, if you stopped there, you have a long way to go.

There’s always room for improvement with the brand strategy. Small tweaks can lead to considerable returns. The hard work of building one is already over… now it’s time to make it better.

A Starting Point for the Digital Brand Strategy

Your intentions of building a strong brand fell into satisfying these three elements:

  • Reducing customer loss
  • Premium pricing
  • Retaining customers

Considering that “loyal customers are worth up to 10x as much as their first purchase” (White House Office of Consumer Affairs) it makes absolute sense to roll out a plethora of branding strategies.

At this time you’re likely using:

You may have even begun to push a bit of this work onto a digital consultant to find opportunities in its implementation and improvement. Overall, it’s working because you’re creating traffic & engagement that’s creating leads & sales.

But there could be so much more…

Taking Digital Brand Strategy to the Next Level

I think you could agree that a lot of businesses do not know where to take their digital brand strategy outside of the basics. They’re afraid of the investment despite seeing the returns.

They’re slow to adopt the digital trends.

It’s the same clash as when digital consultants were trying to get businesses something as simple as a website!

Don’t Lag. Do This Instead.

Those that didn’t jump at the opportunity are now bleeding out or long since erased from our memories. Digital branding is the new website of the 2010’s.

What would I recommend for taking the leap and improving it?

1. Define a Purpose

The strategy in play now likely has you trying everything and hoping that something will stick. Behind it all is a lack of focus and purpose.

Entrepreneur would tell you that a focus on branding would include:

  1. Creating emotion/rationality
  2. Making it believable
  3. Having relevance
  4. Keeping it simple

I agree with these but to take this a step further I’d include: testing.

What you define as your brand is often wildly different than what the public perceives. Improve this intersection through A/B testing. The information gathered through testing will help align goals and strategies.

2. Focus on Mobile

Shift all efforts toward the mobile offering once you’ve defined your purpose.

M-Commerce (mobile commerce) is on track to reach 45% of the e-commerce market by 2020 according to Business Insider. 59% of adults are spending their online time through mobile.

Convinced yet?

Going mobile is simple:

  • Adapt the existing site to a mobile-friendly design
  • Create and implement an app with freelance help
  • Use one-page, mobile-ready landing pages in campaigns

Services like Zinadoo, goMobi, and HandHeld are easy to satisfy this need.

Having a mobile-first mindset will also dictate your investment into social media and other online platforms. This will improve your efforts with digital branding to create a seamless experience across all channels.

3. Remove the Barriers

Keep it simple, stupid. (K.I.S.S.)

Removing barriers:

  • Reduces bounce rate
  • Increases engagement
  • Improves sales

Attention spans are dwindling and although strategies like email and blogging prove effective you must adapt and embrace new methods.

Try these, instead, to keep it simple and direct:

  • Short or live video
  • One-page designs
  • Clean, intuitive layout
  • High-quality media
  • Simple fonts
  • Bullet points vs essays

People prefer simplicity over complicated decisions. This makes its way into the digital branding by removing distractions and creating a focus. It funnels people into recognizing the brand while associating joy to the experience.

4. Be Yourself

People follow brands for many reasons but a defining factor is the personality.

It’s the reason why Dollar Shave Club went from unknown to a billion dollar valuation. All over a viral ad that had spunk and personality.

Create a difference outside of pricing and features by injecting the digital branding with personality:

  • Share personal stories
  • Highlight big accomplishments
  • Talk how you actually talk
  • Put a face in front

Do this and people will see more than a logo. They see a person to get behind.

5. Be Helpful

Don’t just plunk a link to a product or service thinking you’re doing someone on social media a favor when they’re asking for advice or suggestions.

Get in there, show some personality, and be helpful to the user.

The extra moments you take to create a quality engagement triumphs over vapid, hit-and-run comments.

It allows your brand to share their expertise which helps convert the recipient. It also reveals your authenticity to the public (due to the openness of social) which generates attention and could deliver leads.

All-in-all, provide the type of help you’d expect from a reputable company. Yet, do so through your accounts and on the platforms your customers use.

There’s a Difference in Marketing and Branding

A lot of people I talk to seem to mix up marketing with branding. They feel that since they’re pushing content, engaging on social, and testing ads that they’re getting their brand out there.


It’s about creating a connection with Web users and turning them into fiercely loyal followers. The type willing to pay a premium and will do so repeatedly.

The eureka moment will happen when you shift this mindset.

What You Need to Do. Right Now.

I’d begin by asking the right questions when talking with a digital consultant. This way you’re landing on the individual (or team) that can take your digital brand strategy beyond the basics.

Then I’d get in touch with me to compare the differences.

You’ll discover the difference why brands like STIHL, Club Car, and FitLife Foods chose to work with me. I’m ready to help you in the same.