#ProTip: Be more productive by subscribing to email newsletters.

Email is not dead

For more reasons than I have time to elaborate here, email is not dead. In fact, it is doing extremely well.

One way you can use email to be more productive is by signing up for email newsletters.
Thanks to the New York Times Morning Briefing I have rediscovered my love for email. Their Morning Briefing emails are always spot on. Here are two more I subscribe to and read:

  1. Strands of Genius: Weekly Awesomeness (from Faris & Rosie)
  2. Moz Top 10 (from

I also make sure to not miss Business Insider’s 10 Things In Tech You Need To Know and Search Engine Land’s emails.

In addition, I setup keyword alerts with Google and the New York Times to make sure I don’t miss anything throughout the day.

As a final #protip I recommend theSkimm. Yes, I know it’s geared towards women. But I’d be damned if their content isn’t always intriguing, spot on, and relevant. Even though they focus on female topics the newsletter is a great daily read for the male gender as well.

Anyone want to start-up theSkimm type newsletter for men with me?

Why email newsletters?

Instead of constantly checking social media for breaking news, email newsletters do a great job of aggregating the news in one place. This way you can be productive thought the day without obsessing over breaking news.