google maps app back on iphone.
google maps app back on iphone.

what do i think of the new google maps app for iphone?

in a nutshell: it’s great. even though i’ve only been using it since yesterday morning it’s totally worth it for the superior place search functionality powered by google alone.

based on my pro apple bias it seems like a lot of folks expected me to take a crap on the app, however i’m not going to do that (surprise, surprise). as i’ve always said, my only requirement to use something is that it is the best – highest quality, easiest to use, etc. and with the google maps app for the iphone that is clearly the case.

let’s make one thing clear: google maps is superior to apple maps in most ways (but not 100% on the iphone). i must however say that i am looking forward to apple stepping up in maps now that tim cook admitted the failed launch on the apple website and in a recent interview with brian williams he  shared that apple “screwed up” (see below and excuse the obnoxious ad).

looking to the future

and not to mention: now that google maps is the better maps app on the iphone i just can’t see tim cook and apple letting that be the case for long.

i’m excited to have google maps back on the iPhone. needless to say i’ll be using it constantly, but i’ll be using it with an eye on the future in hopes of a superior apple maps app..