Are you struggling to generate leads for your business? Well, you’re not the only one! This particular challenge is shared by up to 58% of business leaders out there.

That’s bad news.

After all, lead generation is a core component of marketing success. It’s a key first step along the road to stimulating sales! No leads mean no conversions; no conversions means no revenue.

But there’s good news too. A whole range of effective strategies can make an almighty difference. One of the best?

Directing users to a fully-optimized website landing page.

As you know, these webpages are designed, structured, and organized for the sole purpose of turning users into leads! Done well, they can skyrocket your lead generation and give your sales team more to work with. Want to discover how to do it?

Keep reading for 9 key features of high-performing website landing pages.

1. Clear Headings

The heading of your landing page is often the first thing someone sees when they click through.

That’s why it has to be clear, catchy, concise, and compelling. It’s also a useful means of showcasing your business’ value proposition (more on this later). Use the headline to sum up your offer, outline a product/service’s function, and detail the benefits it provides.

Done right, the headline will capture peoples’ attention and convince them to keep reading.

2. Quality Copy

Quality is everything on your landing pages. From the images you incorporate to the ease of navigation, it should all be sleek, professional, and shed your brand in a good light.

Pay particular attention to the copy, though.

This has to be on-point (e.g. convincing, sharp, and on-brand) if you’re going to compel people to provide their contact information! At the very least, you need to double-check it for spelling or grammatical errors that’d send all the wrong signals to prospective customers.

3. Testimonials

Social proof is a powerful marketing tool/– especially on a website landing page.

Remember, users won’t just hand out their details to anybody. They need to trust you first and feel a connection to the brand. You could have the most compelling offer in the world, but it’s never going to convert to full effect without these vital ingredients.

Including testimonials from satisfied past customers is a great way to do it. People will read their positive words and feel happier about following your call to action. More on this next.

4. Clear Call to Action (CTA)

Don’t forget to include a clear, compelling CTA on your landing page too. It’s another pivotal way to drive leads through your digital doors.

Why? Because, as people, we seem far less likely to perform a particular action unless we’re explicitly told to do it. Through some quirk of psychology, CTAs provide an all-important ‘push’ that boosts conversion rates every time.

To put it another way, the users who land on your page need some direction; a clear and compelling CTA delivers it. Want them to sign up for your newsletter, join your mailing list, enter a competition, or make a purchase? Tell them!

5. Value Proposition

Including a clear value proposition on your landing page is crucial to converting.

This is where you tell users why it’s in their interest to follow the CTA. Outline the primary advantages to your offer and detail your unique selling point(s) compared to other businesses. In other words, why should they pursue your offer over someone else’s?

In so doing, you provide people with a clear-cut reason to provide their contact details! They understand how they’ll gain from doing so, which is a natural incentive to deliver the goods.

6. Professional Video and Images

Attractive imagery of any kind captures our attention and holds our focus. After all, we’re visual creatures! We appreciate graphic content and draw meaning from it in the process.

That’s why images and videos can be so helpful on your landing pages.

They break up the page, add to the overall aesthetic appeal, and create a professional look all at once. For best effect, try using these visuals to showcase your value proposition and demonstrate your product/service in action. You should see your conversion rate spike as a result.

7. Keep Things Simple

Less is often more when it comes to high-quality design.

Including too much on your landing pages (be it copy, widgets, or graphics) can be distracting. Users won’t know where to look, how to navigate around the page, or what to do! Both your message and CTA might get lost in the mass of content.

Keep that in mind as you decide upon the landing page design. A stripped-back minimalist look, with plenty of white space, could deliver better results.

8. Above-the-Fold Focus

The ‘fold’ is the bottom edge of the screen when you first click through to a webpage.

Imagine a piece of paper that’s folded in half. To see what’s on the rest of the page you’d have to unfold it, right? Well, in digital terms, that ‘unfolding’ process is the same as scrolling down.

In other words, it takes an effort to see what’s there. That’s never good when you’re trying to make life easy for your users and boost conversions in the process.

Do yourself a big favor and put all of your most valuable content (such as the CTA, professional video/images, and value proposition) above the fold. Anything below the fold may never get seen!

9. Fast Load Times

Last but not least, make sure your landing pages load fast. There’s nothing quite like a slow site to convince users to click-back!

With attention spans worse than a goldfish, we’re no longer willing to wait around.

Only by minimizing load times can you maximize your chances of keeping people on board. They’ll load in an instant, reveal your epic above-the-fold content, showcase the value on offer, and boost conversions as a result.

Time to Create the Perfect Website Landing Page

Lead generation is crucial to business success. But that doesn’t make it easy. As we’ve seen, the majority of business owners out there struggle to get the results they want.

Thankfully, a well-designed website landing page can turn that situation around. With multiple landing pages packed with all the necessary features, you should be driving more leads your way in no time. We hope this post will help in that regard!

Do you want expert support with your digital marketing? We can help. Get in touch today to find out more.