On February 23, 2011 Steve Jobs unveiled the second generation of the iPad, the iPad 2. About two weeks later on Friday March 11, 2011 it went on sale and I was once again one of the first people to buy one.

Since I already experienced the iPad 1 launch event in person, this time I ordered it online at apple.com. In order to ensure I got one, I set my alarm for 4 a.m. on March 11, 2011 and proceeded to order an iPad 2 Wi-Fi with 32 GB of memory and a Gray iPad Smart Cover. In contrast to my iPad 1 I opted for the 32 GB version this time around. I had learned very quickly that 16 GB of memory was simply not enough to fully enjoy the iPad.

Five long days after ordering the iPad 2 it finally arrived on Wednesday March 16, 2011. Given that it came all the way from China that’s super fast. Without further ado, let’s get to the unboxing of the iPad 2:

iPad 2 Unboxing Photos

Apple iPad 2 Unboxing Photos - box open
The top of the box is off. My first face to face with the iPad 2.
Apple iPad 2 Unboxing Photos - box contents
Here’s everything that came in the iPad 2 box: The iPad 2, a USB charger, a wall charger, and the usual envelope with instructions and stickers.
Apple iPad 2 Unboxing Photos - back
Here’s a look at the back of the iPad 2. Much rounder than the back of the iPad 1.
Apple iPad 2 Unboxing Photos - ready for setup
iPad 2 unboxed and unwrapped. Time to connect it to iTunes and set it up.

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All photos were taken with my iPhone 4.