Don’t think SEO matters? Think again.

Thanks to an infographic by Conductor featuring the most concise industry data I’ve seen so far this year you can see from which channels brands get the most customers from.

The infographic shows in detail which channel (social, organic search, email, or PPC) gets the most visitors, results in the most customers, and thus gives you the most bang for your click.

To no surprise the channel that drives the most visitors is organic search.

According to Conductor: “Visitors from organic search are 2X more likely to be extremely engaged and visit more than five pages when compared to the other channels.” Wow.

Which Marketing Channel Gives You the Most Bang for Your Click?

That’s nice, but we all know that visitors are different then customers. So, which marketing channel drives in the most customers for a business?

  • For B2Bs, social (14%) and organic search (14%) are the most effective at lead generation.
  • For e-commerce and B2Cs it’s organic search with 18%.

Best Marketing Channel Infographic
Click for a full version of the infographic.