Does your business have a website which you aim to provide a lot of your sales? Are you worried about the customer experience from using the site?

82% of the top-performing companies pay close attention to online business’s human experience. Why not join these companies and make your customer experience a priority? 

Modern technology is changing the world with each passing year. More people buy things online these days, over going to the store. 

You might not realize it, but your website might be hurting your business. Here are 7 tips to improve customer experience on your website.

Make Checking Out Fast and Easy

Online stores can lose 75% of their sales due to people abandoning their digital cart. You can avoid the abandoned cart by making your checkout process more straightforward.

Offer your customers the choice of continuing as a guest as well as signing up for an account. You may not gain as many members, but you will have more sales and a higher potential revisit number. 

Why not offer those who have already signed up the option for a speedy checkout. Such as a buy it now button. 

Offer Multiple Payment Options

I’m assuming you have at least the minimal methods of payments through your site. Having these are great for some, but not everyone.

Offer your customers the security of paying through companies such as PayPal. A considerable number of customers use PayPal. By not offering this option, they may abandon their cart and go elsewhere. 

Look into joining companies that allow customers the option to buy now and pay later. These companies allow your customers to spread out their payments across a set amount of time, which will make them more likely to have larger shopping carts each time.

Make Your Content Personal

Give the customers who have signed up to your site a personalized experience. Show them that you care. 

Give each one a home page with options such as ‘What other people have bought’ or ‘Recommended for you.’ This tactic will improve your sales and keep your customers coming back. 

If you need help to improve your website experience, hire a digital marketing consultant. A digital consultant can help make your website the best it can be.

Include the Best Search Bars

Most online shoppers tend to go onto a site and use the search bar to find what they came to your site to find. The chance that customers come to your site with the intention of what to buy is high. 

Allowing them to go directly to a product will keep their attention on your site. The modern-day attention span is slowly diminishing. Adapt to this 

Why not add some digital branding or pictures of other products near the search bar. Once your customer has added their choice to the cart, this may help convince them to add more products. 

What’s Your Website’s Speed?

Have you ever visited a site and quickly closed it due to the time it takes to load. Having a slow-loading webpage will cause a lot of customers to leave and go elsewhere.

By finding a company to run a website speed test, you will learn your page speed. Knowing this will help you to find methods to improve the load time of your page. Having a faster loading site will keep your customers on your site.

Another thing to look into will be working out if your website is outdated or not? If you have had your site for a while, you may want to look into updating it. Having an obsolete site could also be a reason why customers venture elsewhere.

Reply to Your Customer’s Reviews

Let’s say a customer is unhappy about something regarding you or your website. Your customer reviews will be where you hear about it. People are far more likely to go to leave a bad review than a good one. 

Make sure you are going through each review and finding what the problem is. Your next challenge is to solve this problem to ensure it doesn’t happen again. 

If you manage to fix the problem, get in touch with the customer who brought it to your attention. Even if you cannot solve it, still get in touch. Make sure to keep in touch with their customers. You are more likely to maintain the customer’s business through simple communication. 

Have a Live Chat About Customer Experience

As you may have worked out from previous tips, the world’s attention span these days is short. Some customers may send a review but go elsewhere before they get a response. 

Add the option for customers to get in touch with a sales consultant live. Live chats offer an immediate response to their problem. Live chats will keep the customers on your site while they wait. They may even view your other products while they wait. 

Make sure to hire enough team members to be at the receiving end of live chats. Your customers will use live chats for quick responses. Having enough staff will ensure the customer’s wait time remains at a minimum. 

Also, look into adding a sign showing their wait time to their requests. This way, they will know precisely how long they are expecting to wait.

Give Your Customers the Best Experience

Now you have found many ways on how to improve the customer experience on your website. Are you planning on using them all or just a selection of the best ones? 

Follow these tips and keep your customers happy. Make your checkout easy and quick with multiple payment methods. Keep an eye on your website’s speed. Chat with your customers both live and through reviews, and keep in mind that there are many more ways to Increase Your Digital Customer Service.

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