What if every day felt like you were living on the Enterprise from Star Trek?

It may sound like this is still centuries away. However, voice assistance technology can help bring a piece of tomorrow into the here and now.

Devices and technologies such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant have become more popular than ever before. And this technology is poised to completely transform how you live in 2018.

Keep reading to discover more about voice assistants and how they will help you!

What Are Voice Assistants?

Voice assistance technology is pretty self-explanatory. This is any technology that allows you to issue commands or ask questions verbally.

Many consumers now have this technology built into their phone with things like Siri on the iPhone. And others use this technology in their home with technology like Amazon’s Alexa and Dot devices.

Whichever device you choose, this technology is going to change how you spend every day in 2018. And they are also poised to change the digital marketing landscape in a big way.

Read on to discover exactly how it’s going to revolutionize everything!

Smart Lights

One of the most elegant voice assistance technologies are “smart lights.” These are lights from companies such as Amazon and Google that can be controlled in different ways.

A popular choice for many consumers are the Hue Lights by Phillips. These lights let you control things like the level of illumination and even the kind of color you want the light to emit.

These lights can be controlled via a special app. However, you can also control them with your voice using technology such as Alexa.

At the end of the day, this is one of the most practical applications for voice assistants. It’s great to be able to turn off your bedroom light without having to get up!

Smart Shower

Chances are that the shower is the last place you’d expect voice assistant technology. After all, electronics and water seem like a pretty odd combination.

However, companies like Kohler are bringing these two worlds together. They offer products such as mirrors that can accept voice commands sent through Alexa.

The device itself has waterproof speakers, making it a perfect addition for the shower. It can also control things like the PerfectFill bathtub and the DTV shower.

This technology is especially great for cold mornings. You’ll be able to warm up the bath or shower without even touching a cold faucet.

Talk to Your TV

The remote control was once considered a revolutionary device. It allowed consumers to change the channel without getting up and going directly to the television set.

Now, you don’t even have to use the remote in a traditional way. For instance, Sony is releasing TVs that have Google Assistant built into them. This lets you control apps and browse channels by voice.

LG is also releasing TVs with Google Assistant built into them. Meanwhile, Samsung already has a line of TVs that allow you to speak into the remote instead of pressing buttons!

Music On Demand

For many people, music is a major part of their lives. Individuals love to do everything from doing chores around the house to getting groceries while listening to tunes.

Streaming music has made it easier than ever to listen to your favorite music on demand. And now, various voice assistants let you request songs by voice.

Amazon’s Alexa interacts with Amazon’s music library to play many different tunes. Consumers willing to pay a monthly music subscription fee will have access to many more songs.

Alexa is also being integrated into other devices. For instance, Garmen now offers a multifunction Speak Plus Dash Cam. This lets you request music, directions, and even sports scores by voice!

Browse By Voice

Most of the early voice assistance technology focused on mobile devices. This led to the advent of things like Siri on the iPhone.

However, many consumers spend much of their day on traditional PCs rather than browsing their phones. Google is now seeking to bridge that gap by offering Smart Displays.

Smart Displays offer the functionality and convenience of tablets, letting you install apps and browse websites. However, they also let you set alarms, stream music, and even lock or unlock your doors by voice!

These displays represent a great way to enjoy voice assistance technology wherever you go.

Aiding the Disabled

Consumers traditionally focus on the mainstream appeal of the different voice assistants. However, all of this technology represents an unprecedented way to help those who are disabled.

Those with impaired vision can benefit immensely from having devices such as Alexa. This lets them stream music, inquire about the weather, and even put together shopping lists by simply using their voice.

And devices such as the PetNet SmartFeeder use Google Assistant to release pet food into a container with a command. This is a great way to feed a hungry pet for those who cannot see the pet or who would have difficulty walking to the food bowl.

Talk to the Fridge

Ever notice how often you have the refrigerator door open? Whether you’re simply browsing for contents or trying to plan your next meal, you waste a lot of your energy and your home’s energy doing this.

Samsung is trying to change all of this with a Family Hub of refrigerators powered by Bixby voice control technology. These fancy fridges keep track of the items inside and you can ask about the contents by voice.

They also feature a display on the outside and allow you to customize profiles for up to six members of your family. This allows everyone to have a custom experience when using it.

The Bottom Line

All of these voice assistants are amazing. However, having the best product in the world means nothing without good marketing.

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