Imagine attending a dinner party and listening to an engaging story. You notice how one individual stands out due to their ability to tell a story in a unique way. Their verbal flow, the language they use, and their personalities creates an unforgettable moment. 

This scenario is call a “brand voice,” which represents the personality of your business. This voice is carried out through social media marketing, content creation, and internal business communication. Without it, your business will not have a brand identity, which is why you should continue reading to learn why a brand voice is so critical for your business.

Differentiate Yourself From the Competitors

According to the Sprout Social IndexTM, consumers have reasons for why some companies stood out more than others. 40% cited memorable material, 33% cited unique personality, and 32% cited intriguing narrative. That means, without a brand voice, you cannot have a distinct personality.

Avoid Getting Unfollowed by Your Follower

Consumers care about how you display yourself. 45% of customers reported unfollowing brands with irrelevant material. This situation shows that posting material that is inconsistent with your brand will make you lose followers. 

Help Achieve Brand Awareness

Brand voice helps ensure that your brand is consistent and identifiable. Brand awareness is achieved when a brand can be identified by its content. People don’t have to see who uploaded it, they will know it’s you.

Reveals Your Business Culture and Characteristics

Since brand voice reflects your business’ personality, it can influence on how your brand is recognized. It reveals the underlying principles and ambitions of your company. For example, posting content of your employees having fun, helps promote the incredible culture your company has.

Tips on Honing Dow Your Brand’s Voice

Now that our brand guide have revealed the importance of giving your brand a voice, the real question is, how to make it happen? Here are some tips on incorporating your brand voice:

Keep Meticulous Records and Maintain Consistency

A brand voice document will ensure the consistency and quality of your social media posts and updates. The document should contain your organization’s basic principles and purpose. You should also incorporate some defining personality, characteristics, common jargon, brand slogans, etc. 

Don’t forget to provide several examples demonstrating how to write inside the parameters of your brand personality. You should also indicate what falls outside of your established style.

Conduct an Audit of Your Present Voice

Are you looking for ideas for your brand’s personality? Consider your current communications strategies. Collect samples of customer interactions to get a sense of how the voice sounds and perceived. You may discover that your brand voice is inconsistent or your consumers prefers certain words over others. 

Take note of your target audience’s interactions with your brand. What voice characteristics do your most popular blogs share? From there, you can take note of your brand’s present personality and start thinking of ways to replicate it.

Determine Your Target Audience and Identities

Develop your brand voice by identify your target demographic and marketing personas. If your target audience is younger, you’ll want to speak their language. Using an older generation’s terminology will alienate your younger audience.

While researching your audience and personalities, make a list of the characteristics and common vocabulary that you wish to adopt as a brand. For example, a brand with a West Coast target audience will adopt a regional slang. 

Recognize Your Tone

What you say is your brand voice, and how you say it is your brand tone. Because your tone may change depending on the audience, it’s a good idea to keep track of when to employ certain tones in specific scenarios.

The enthusiastic tone of promoting a new product will be different from a tone replying to a client complaint. Identify frequent circumstances that you encounter as a brand and classify them according to the tone you would use.

Evaluate and Adjust Your Brand Voice

Your brand should be examined and modified on a regular basis. Language develops over time, and the terms you used five years ago may be outdated. Without a constant check-in with your brand voice, your audience may perceive your brand as outdated.

For instance, GIF use on social media is less prevalent now than it was five years ago. However, they have gained widespread acceptance and are now available on most social networking sites.

Examples of Brands With a Unique Voice

Creating a personality for your brand is one battle, but incorporating it is another. To assist you in developing or refining your brand voice, here are three organizations with unique voices.


Apple’s advertisements are known for their minimalist aesthetics with distinctive textual content. The phrases are succinctly selected and coupled with their graphic counterparts. Their brand voice is clear, transparent, and straightforward.

They focus on providing easy to read and digestible information. Their language choices addresses the reader’s pain points while maintaining a distinct personality.


Mailchimp made their voice guide publicly accessible more than a decade ago. The attention to detail, which includes punctuation and spelling comments, has made them a standard voice guide. Anyone who reads the book may write in Mailchimp’s voice or adopt their approach to capturing corporate style and tone.

Mailchimp’s playful and easygoing tone is seen in its social media and blog articles. Their language is straightforward and informative while remaining informal and conversational. 


Oatly’s branding is a blend of whimsical images and text. The brand voice is evident in their packaging and social media posts.

The Facebook caption illustrates their lighthearted demeanor, conversational style, and quirkiness. You never know where their writing will take you, which leaves reader craving for more. Even their cookie policy demonstrates their comical style.

Learn More About Brand Voice

Now that you’ve gained further knowledge about brand voice, it’s time to establish your own. Through persistent social media engagement and content posting, you create a brand consistency. Your consistent hard work will keep your customers coming back for more.

A website without personality will only make you a dime a dozen. Avoid getting lost in the crowd, and contact us for more info on establishing your brand voice.