Is your head spinning as you consider your digital marketing strategy for this year? It can often feel like marketing changes overnight, leaving you to feel like you are treading water to keep up. 2022 digital marketing looks different than 2021 marketing and each year before it. You are working in an ever-changing world of digital marketing, and you need to know what is around the next corner. Read on to learn seven digital marketing trends to stay ahead of the curve and keep your business in front of your target customers.

1. Keep It Simple

Even in 2022, the KISS principle remains true for many businesses. 

You do not have to go over the top to win people’s attention to your business. When it comes to standing out from your competition, less might be more.

Consider the amount of content that floods your ideal customer’s email, internet, and smartphone each day. There is a great deal of content vying for their attention, sending them to information overload.

How do you avoid this for your business? Choose quality over quantity in your business marketing.

What is the most important thing your customers need to know, and what is the simplest way you can share that information with them?

With this knowledge, you can create a digital marketing plan that addresses their needs and wants using simple methods for the highest return.

2. Make It Interactive

Your customers want to connect with your business more than ever before. Through the age of social media, this level of engagement has changed.

Customers want to become part of the experience rather than read traditional text. Consider how you can evolve your marketing content to breathe life into the relationship.

Polls, questionnaires, quizzes, interactive tools, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) are all features to draw someone into the process or experience with your business.

Allow your customers to find the best answer to the right question at the right time. Give customers control of how and when they interact with you to find resources through your site. This interactive content gives you space back as they manage their interactions with you.

3. Represent Diversity

Among the top digital marketing trends is a need to be inclusive. As the world changes toward inclusivity, so should your content, marketing materials, graphics, and website design.

While reading your emails or scrolling your website, customers expect to see themselves among the words and images. More than that, they desire to see all of humanity represented.

If the typical consumer rarely sees themselves identified in content or websites, be the business that stands out among the crowd. Seek diversity and inclusion in all aspects of your digital marketing.

4. Seamless Shopping Experience

To create a high-quality customer experience, developing seamless shopping content is a must-have. As a customer scrolls your site, reads a blog or email, sees an ad, or explores interactive tools, make it easy for them to shop from you.

Add in links or buttons throughout your content to your products and services. Doing so allows a potential customer to transition from reading a blog post to adding your products to their shopping cart with fewer clicks.

5. Prioritize Privacy

When creating your company marketing plan, you have to build trust with potential customers.

Both privacy and security are crucial to instill trust among your target audience. Your customers have the right to know where, when, and the usage of their information.

A person’s data includes contact information, identification information such as date of birth or social security number, financial information, and web tracking. 

It is your responsibility to protect consumer information and provide them with instructions on personal data usage.

Make yourself aware of Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). These policies regulate the use of personal consumer information and require a business to provide the consumer with a way to opt out at any point.

6. Tap Into AR and VR

Though the reality of a metaverse has existed for years, it took on a whole new level when Facebook changed its parent company name to Meta.

A metaverse is a virtual world where people can connect. Through Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR), consumers create holographic avatars that exist in a 3D world where they can interact in work and play.

Develop brand awareness quickly by creating a virtual world for your customers to interact with you, your brand, and other customers with similar interests.

7. Investigate Non-Fungible Tokens

In a similar vein is the use of NFTs or non-fungible tokens. NFTs are purchased, often with cryptocurrency, and are digital representations of art, music, graphic design, videos or images, and other real-world objects.

You cannot exchange non-fungible items for a product with an equal value. The reason is non-fungible items do not have similar items of equal value.

Why is this important for your marketing? NFTs, give your customers digital proof of relationship to your business. Examples of relationships are ownership of a product, attendance at events, or participation in your business experiences.

Digital Marketing Trends to Grow Your Business

Your business’ marketing strategy needs to remain current and fresh. To best serve your customers and stand out among the competition, you need to tap into these digital marketing trends. Invest in your marketing and watch your business grow as a response.

If you are interested in learning more or finding a digital marketing consultant to help you take your business to the next level, contact us today. Let us help you develop the right strategy for your business and your audience.