Has your marketing gone bitter or sour? Sit back and enjoy top-shelf strategies from the Search Bar, where we’re serving up insights for your digital marketing to work successfully. I am your host, Eric Ritter, SEO Sommelier and CEO of Digital Neighbor, a friendly neighborhood marketing and SEO company based in Tampa, Florida.

For today’s episode, we are joined by Mitch Allen, the SVP of Economic Development at Tampa Bay Economic Development Council, to discuss how Tampa is evolving into a thriving market.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How economic development helps businesses grow
  • The role that growing your network can have in future opportunities
  • Why Tampa is a great climate for businesses
  • The impact of hybrid work on office space
  • The biggest deterrent for employees to return to the office
  • How to create a culture of happiness in your office
  • The characteristics of successful companies

Show Notes

Resturant BT2507 S MacDill Ave. Tampa, FL 33629

Rocca 323 West Palm Avenue Tampa, FL 33602

Noble Rice615 Channelside Dr Suite 112, Tampa, FL 33602

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