Has your marketing gone bitter or sour? Sit back and enjoy top-shelf strategies from the Search Bar, where we’re serving up insights for your digital marketing to work successfully. I am your host, Eric Ritter, SEO Sommelier and CEO of Digital Neighbor, a friendly neighborhood marketing and SEO company based in Tampa, Florida.

For today’s episode, we are joined by Julian Harris and Alecia Maximo, the Co-Founders of Maxi AI, to discuss how to create tailored AI solutions for your business.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What drove their entrepreneurial journey
  • How AI can help a business owner run their business
  • Leveraging AI to cut down on time-consuming tasks
  • The best way to position your service
  • Why you need to stay on top of trends in your industry
  • How to start implementing AI in your business
  • What major AI terms mean

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Maxi AI

Connect with Co-Founder Julian Harris on LinkedIn at this link.

Connect with Co-Founder Alecia Maximo on LinkedIn at this link.

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