Welcome to the Search Bar Podcast’s Happy Hour — where we grab a seat at the bar with local wineries, distilleries, and other purveyors of good times to learn about the business and marketing sides of some of the most fun enterprises in South Florida. I’m your host, Eric Ritter, SEO Sommelier and CEO of Digital Neighbor — a friendly neighborhood digital marketing and SEO company based in Tampa.

This Happy Hour, Ciji Castro, the owner of Domestic Gourmet,  is joining us to talk about her business, her marketing goals, and the spirited story behind her success. Thank you for joining us, Ciji!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Ciji got started with her food business
  • The importance of incorporating the whole family in the food preparation journey
  • Cijis mission to bring quality ingredients to the minority community
  • Why you need to be a life-long student
  • Ciji’s best tips for networking
  • Why you have to continually show up if you want people to remember you
  • How to get involved with organizations that are making a difference

Show Notes

Domestic Gourmet

Feeding Tampa Bay

Fresh From Florida

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