Welcome to the Search Bar Podcast’s Happy Hour — where we grab a seat at the bar with local wineries, distilleries, and other purveyors of good times to learn about the business and marketing sides of some of the most fun enterprises in South Florida. I’m your host, Eric Ritter, SEO Sommelier and CEO of Digital Neighbor — a friendly neighborhood digital marketing and SEO company based in Tampa.

This Happy Hour, Kerri and Mark Paun, owners of Gamblers Bay Distillery in Tampa, are joining us to talk about their business, their marketing, and the spirited story behind their success. Thank you for joining us, Kerri & Mark!

In this episode, you’ll learn

  • The story behind “proofing” alcohol
  • How the hobby of distilling turned into a business
  • How Mark and Kerri work together to make their distillery successful
  • How sourcing local products sets Gamblers Bay Distillery apart
  • The important details to elevate your brand
  • Why you need to show people how to use your products
  • How to get involved in your local community
  • The growth process in opening up the warehouse
  • How to level up your branding

San Fransisco World Spirits Competition


Gamblers Bay Distillery

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