I don’t have to tell you that customer experience drives today’s consumer decisions more than any other factor.

86% of consumers will pay more for a product/service accompanied by a better experience. 67% will leave a company because of a bad experience. 75% admit that they don’t really know what customer engagement is. But in nearly the same breath they say that they’re measuring it.

For years, businesses have known this importance and striven to provide customer experience through common sense initiatives. But in an increasingly digital world providing the expected experience isn’t possible without strong reliance on data and analytics.

A digital consultant applies advanced industry tools specific to creating this flawless customer experience.

Let’s look at what a consultant can do to help your ad agency thrive in this new digital reality.

Performance & Predictive Analytics

Analytics is likely an increasingly central part of your advertising campaigns. But as an advertising agency, you may face challenges like:

  • Collecting the right data – You may not have the systems or technology in place to measure engagement and results. You may not have what you need to not only understand what customers do, but what they will do.
  • Collecting clean data  – If your data is bad then your ad agency can’t trust it to make decisions. A digital consultant can help you put systems in place to acquire more accurate data on which you can place your trust.
  • Knowing which data is important – You may collect endless data. You know it’s a gold mine. But who has the time to aggregate it manually to extract the gold ore from the worthless rocks? With machine learning and automation, a digital consultant can help get to what’s important.
  • Responding in real time – In the ad world, opportunities can disappear fast whether they’re on an industry level or an individual one. Seize the moment when you can better predict customer behavior and send them the right message at the right time.

Data-Driven Creativity

It seems like an oxymoron, but it isn’t. While it’s true creativity needs room to grow and flourish, when creativity is backed by data it becomes a nearly unstoppable force to be reckoned with.

Just how does a digital consultant do this?

  1. They predict consumer behavior.
  2. They go in depth to determine which creatives are most effective and why.
  3. They analyze similar campaigns, the competitors of your clients and industry trends to help you design the most impactful digital content.
  4. They help you understand what customer engagement really is within a given industry, media type or campaign. And they show you how to measure it.

Branding Consistency

A digital consultant can help you improve the consistency of your message and image across campaigns, platforms, and mediums.

Customers like to know what to expect from a company. When they can predict it, they can anticipate it. They can share that experience with others, knowing that they will have the same experience.

Consultants use a combination of solid cross-industry experience, state-of-the-art tools, and consultant objectivity to create a consistent experience.

Trend Following, Application and Setting

A digital consultant follows marketing and analytics trends. They understand how influencers and industry leaders are getting their top of the line results.

They can then help an advertising agency achieve these kinds of results.

Because they’re so in tune with the heart beat of digital marketing, they cannot only follow trends but can help you establish yourself as a trendsetter and thought leader in advertising.


A digital consultant can help you take the personalization of your advertising content to the next level.

60% of marketing firms are having trouble personalizing content. And yet personalized content has an efficacy rate of up to 6X that of unpersonalized content.

Simply targeting a demographic isn’t as effective as it used to be. You need at least some personalization in your advertising to reach your customers.

And this level of personalization must be data-driven and automated. Fortunately, digital marketing consultants know how to use tools to accomplish this time- and cost-effectively.

Translating Traditional to Digital

If your ad agency is established, you’ve undoubtedly brought into the digital world. But old habits can die hard. And you may still be trying to apply traditional marketing strategies and metrics to digital.

There are some similarities. But for the most part, they’re apples and oranges. And you may not be reaching your full potential if you haven’t adapted fully to all that digital marketing has to offer.


You may be spending a lot of time on campaigns that don’t work anymore. Sometimes it can take weeks — or longer — to know that something isn’t working.

But a digital marketing consultant can help you measure results faster and more effectively so that you can make adjustments and always stay ahead of the competition.

Cost Savings

Because you can run a more efficient ad agency with a digital consultant, you don’t have hourly employees running up overtime. You don’t have salaried employees burning themselves out.

Research shows that productivity drops significantly after as little as 50 hours.

That’s fewer sick days. And it’s reduced turnover.

Did you know that replacing an employee can cost you as much as 1 year’s salary?

You can experience greater, faster results with fewer, more productive hours worked.

Measuring Results

Digital consultants are all about measuring results.

We’re very self-motivated people. Not only are we helping you set and achieve goals. We’re setting and measuring our own.

But regardless, your ad agency wins. Because a digital consultant understands how to measure results and to help you make informed decisions for your advertising agency.

Hire a Digital Consultant

A digital marketing consultant will help you expand your own in-house capabilities to get optimal results for your clients.

If your ad agency is struggling to adapt to digital or you’re looking for a competitive advantage in an incredibly competitive industry, it’s time hire a consultant.

To learn more about how I can help your advertising agency compete in a digital environment, contact me today to set up a consultation.