Are you looking for ways to maximize the ROI of the content that you create? Do you wish you could see higher conversions with the content you’re putting out on the internet? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about how to create marketing content that converts.

It isn’t as easy as it sounds! Simply making content for the sake of making content won’t do the trick. You have to be intentional; your content needs to have a strategy behind it.

See below for an in-depth guide with tips on how to create a content marketing strategy that will convert.

1. Create Buyer Personas

Whenever Michael Jordan hit a slump in his NBA career, he always had a cure for righting the ship: go back to the basics.

That’s exactly what you should do to find footing in your content marketing strategy. You may have created some killer pieces of content, but is that content of any value to your target market? Would the content you’ve placed out there make them want to purchase your products/services? 

We recommend that you take some time to recreate your buyer personas. These are imaginary avatars of the people that make up your target buying market. Understanding more about them will help you develop your content marketing and gear it towards the things they need help with most.

For example, let’s say that your HVAC company that creates a buyer persona name “Dave”. Dave is a businessman and a family man. He takes great pride in his house, but its condition sometimes gets put to the side while he manages meeting deadlines at work, taking kids to their baseball games, etc.

Dave needs the HVAC maintenance to be simpler. You can help him by providing easy “how-to” videos or articles that walk him through ways to ensure his HVAC system is still in good shape. In those how-to’s, you can stress the importance of him scheduling a professional technician to come to take a look, which will lead to higher conversions!

2. Think Through the Pain Points

Okay, you have your target market down to a science thanks to the buyer personas that you just made. But there’s still work to be done.

Just because you know your target audience doesn’t mean they’ll digest any form of content that you throw at them. A strong content marketing strategy always dissects how to create topics those target buyers will find valuable. Doing so will help you build a stronger form of passive content marketing.

Ask yourself this simple question:

“What are some of the biggest pain points (problems) my customers are dealing with?”

Once you have a few answers to this question, you’ll know exactly what to write about, make videos about, tweet about, post about, etc. 

If you’re a pest control company, then your customer’s pain points might be roaches, rodents, or other unwanted pests. If you’re a CPA, then your customer’s pain points might include budgeting or preparing for tax season. 

Every niche market has pain points and thousands of them! Once you identify what those are, you instantly have topics for your content that will convert.

3. Use More Video

Perhaps you were hoping to avoid getting in front of a camera for your marketing campaigns. Maybe you’re a bit camera shy and are afraid that people will judge you.

Whatever the case might be, there’s no denying the value of strong video content. It’s the way that the marketing world is turning, and you will want a piece of the pie. 

Video content is far more engaging than copy content. It also helps your target market to retain more of the information that you give them, such as those calls to action and sales pitches that you make!

Think of it this way: which would you rather do, read a blog post on 10 tips to shred body fat or watch a video on 10 tips to shred body fat? We’re willing to bet you’d pick the latter.

4. Find Guest Post Opportunities

For those of you that are passionate about blogging or enjoy getting the opportunity to write about topics in your industry, be sure to use that to your advantage!

Take the time to find guest post opportunities with popular sites in your niche market or one that’s adjacent to it. 

For example, if you’re a lifestyle coach, then you could write an article for a business website that covers the topic of work-life balance. This helps you get in front of a market you’ve never seen before, and who’s never seen you before.

5. Remain Consistent

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Whether you’re trying to build a following for your blog or ramp up your social media marketing, it will take time to do so.

It’s important to control what you can control. Create valuable content that helps challenge people; maintain a consistent routine; launch those forms of content on a routine schedule.

After a few months of doing this, the entire schedule will start to become like second nature. You’ll start to get noticed online, which will help you build a following and convert on those that digest your content.

Create Marketing Content That Converts With These Tips

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on how to create marketing content that converts, be sure to use this information to your advantage.

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