wieden+kennedy has been creating nike commercials and advertising campaigns that make you want to go out and do something for nike since the 1980s. do “it” to be specific. i was doing some industry reading when i came across this iconic nike commercial for nike.com.hk really taking the the “it” to the next level. what is amazing is that every two-word cue they include in this :60 second spot can be applied directly to interactive marketing. 12 lessons based on the cues from nike to help build brand awareness in the age where we have to earn attention are below.

12 lessons from nike to help build brand awareness online.

  1. create it: not everything created and put online needs to be a production like the television commercial above. in fact, none of it does as people appreciate and are used to shaky smartphone videos. they appreciate the sincerity and genuineness of a shaky but “real” video on youtube over a video obviously produced just to “go viral”. think outside the box a bit and try to create something interesting and remarkable.
  2. tag it: always make sure to label, tag or categorize your content using relevant keyword phrases so it is easy to find for those looking for that type of information. this is especially and becoming increasingly important for search engine optimization.
  3. enjoy it: creating content doesn’t have to be the horrible task a lot of folks make it out to be. everyone can be creative. get a small group together over beer and pizza. have fun and more likely than not you’ll probably create something pretty cool and remarkable.
  4. say it: never be afraid to speak your mind – it’s what everyone on the internet does. a marketplace of opinions, ideas and different insights are what make any content and the conversations that surround them interesting. pick a side on an issue and perhaps look beyond the “established” conventional wisdom.
  5. shout it: spread the word online. once you’ve created some interesting content, make sure everyone who might be interested in it hears about it. use all available social networks at your disposal, but don’t forget about the more traditional channels like email and online press releases to get the word out.
  6. push it: get outside the comfort zone and write about something that people wouldn’t expect. don’t just push updates about your company and your industry on facebook and twitter – challenge yourself and have fun.
  7. bite it: don’t be afraid to “bite it”. taking risks doesn’t always have a positive ending. however, calculated risks make sense. try different experiments with your website or social media accounts and measure the results. which tweet or facebook post got the most response? which landing page has the highest conversion rate?
  8. perfect it: from the “bite it”point above: learn from the experiments. measure the results – failure or success – and use that new insight to make smarter decisions.
  9. believe it: trust and know that you have the ability and knowledge to contribute to your professional community with great content. talk about your insights and share your learnings.
  10. face it: interactive marketing must be a huge part of your marketing mix. more and more people find the products and services they need online – and that trend definitely won’t change anytime soon. find the low-hanging fruit and pick it.
  11. live it: creating and sharing content online should not be one-off, “special project” that gets assigned once in a while or scheduled. because it is an investment that will payoff with great benefits to the bottom line make it part of your company’s culture.
  12. love it: reap the benefits. interactive marketing works – it’s been proven over and over again. all the points and lessons above will add up to greater awareness of your brand or company online. make it all an integral part of your marketing mix, explore the world of connected marketing and and you will see the leads and customers pour in.

just do it.

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