Taken at USF School of Mass Communication

HTML5 gets a face.

with the announcement fresh off the presses i decided to take the unveiling of the new logo as an opportunity to start talking about web standards and the ever changing technology on the web in my digital media class.  i know that at this point in the semester it really won’t mean too much to the students, but the key lessons and takeaways i emphasize are that the underlying fundamentals of interactive marketing are always going to be the same. good webdesign will always be good webdesign. solid strategy will always be solid strategy. so and and so forth.

now to the actual news: a new logo for HTML5 has been unveiled by the w3c – the international community responsible for developing standards for the web (see above). the new logo will primarily act as a badge for web designers and developers, giving them a standardized symbol to inform visitors that parts of HTML5 has been implemented into their site. they even came up with a hash tag for the new HTML5 logo. however, it’s important to note that the logo does not imply validity or conformance with web standards.

back to web 1.0?

the HTML5 logo website includes a badge builder that reminds me a lot of the web 1.0 websites of yesteryears with all their logos and badges at the bottom of the pages.

my friend and colleague chris morata made a great point on twitter that the badge should perhaps have a  ”best viewed in” message as well just like those web 1.0 websites of yesteryears.

i’m lovin’ it.

as i’m a big supporter of HTML5 and have chosen my side in the flash vs. HTML5 war i have written in the past about how apple won’t will kill flash but HTML5 will. so, don’t be surprised if you catch me in a HTML5 tshirt here in the next weeks…