Has your marketing gone bitter or sour? Sit back and enjoy top-shelf strategies from the Search Bar, where we’re serving up insights for your digital marketing to work successfully. I am your host, Eric Ritter, SEO Sommelier and Founder/CEO of Digital Neighbor, a friendly neighborhood marketing and lead generation company based in Tampa, Florida.

For today’s episode, we are joined by Alexis Alvarez, the Vice President of YourMark Productional Products, to discuss how to sustainably order and gift swag as part of your company’s marketing strategy.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to lean into money-making opportunities
  • Why you need to go the extra mile for your clients
  • How to differentiate the products you give
  • Why recycled materials gifts are great product options
  • The 2024 promotional product trends
  • How to set your brand recognition apart

Show Notes

Busch Gardens

Junior Achievement Tampa Bay


Apples Never Fall

Atomic Habits

Eat That Frog

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